*These are not medical grade masks.
See our printable Re-Useable Mask Instructions and Information file.

• The new “Face Hugger” mask, fitted with nose wire and adustable drawstring, designed especially for using Halyard H600 Sterile cloth, but can be used with other fabrics

See the new, super easy-peasy-sew, gather fit drawstring mask

Cooley Dickinson Pattern
» (Cooley Dickinson alternate print PDF instructions)
YouTube video instructions (two videos)
» DIY reusable face mask tutorial step by step


• Fitted Mask
» How To Sew a Face Mask for a Cancer Patient or COPD patient

N95 Cover
PVPA – Pattern to fit over the N 95 mask (aka Masks for Val)

Mask tips:
• See our printable file of Re-Useable Mask Information and Instructions that you can print out to include with masks you’ve made for distribution.

PVPA mask (N 95 cover), showing solid fabric interior and long elastic headband and neck band.

• It is important to have an easily identifiable front and back to the mask. Use patterned fabric on the front and solid color on the inside.
• A mask covering for an N95 mask does not need nose wire.
• Elastic bands for these masks should go over the back of the head and neck.
• If you run out of elastic, you can try using stretch fabrics for the bands instead
• When fashioning elastic replacement from lycra (some cut up rowing wear, for instance), one factor is essential: on zigzag, setting the longest stitch setting possible and stretch it from front and back while sewing.
• Our medical consultant says that ties are NOT a good option. It increases the need to reach into the hair, possibly increasing the chances for contamination.
• Masks for patients. For people lying in bed a pattern with ear loop elastic may stay on better than one with elastic around the back of the head.